Början på något nytt i WFUNA

Under två dagar träffades ett fyrtiotal representanter från olika europiska FN-förbund i Bryssel för att stärka vårt nätverk mm. Träffen ägde rum i Bryssel mellan den 25-26 november 2013 (Läs mer om träffen här: http://www.wfuna.org/news/wfuna-european-unas-meeting-brussels-2013)

Det som var speciellt med denna träff var att för första gången så träffades unga representanter från olika UNA:s (FN-förbund) på detta WFUNA-möte. Tanken bakom det här var att stärka ungas inflytande i WFUNA och också stärka ungas band mellan de olika europiska FN-förbunden.


Här följer en sammanfattning av vad vi kom fram till på vårt möte (skriven av Ulrika Rönmark, fd ungdomssekreterare och nu medlem av WFUNA Youth Advisory Group):

Why do we need a European UNA youth network?

  • We want to benefit from each other’sactivities and learn from best practice sharing and support each other.
  • We want to invite each other to international activities (like conferences, MUN:s, trainings etc) in our UNA:s.
  • We want to collaborate and come up with joint projects and work on our international relations.
  • We want to open up and encourage a more active participation of young UNA members within the WFUNA structure (youth participants should work closely to their UNA:s but also be encouraged to take active part in meetings, plenary etc)
  • We want to work, like the aim of WFUNA, for a stronger and effective UN. Together, the youth of the network will be a stronger voice and can make a greater impact. The network could also meet the need of young people in our associations who want to learn more about career opportunities in the UN.

What can we do to meet this need?

  • Strengthen the network and create communication forums for young European youth members: online and physical meetings, where we can share best practice, share pictures and information about what’s going on in our associations and meet up and discuss.
  • Arrange capacity building activities, such as trainings.

How can we do this?

  • Use WFUNA as a facilitator that can provide a platform were we can meet up and contact each other and help us administrate these youth meetings
  • Continuous online communication. Through the Facebook group, Google docs and Google Hangout meetings.
  • Continuous meetings. Initially we should use the opportunity to join the UNA Europe meeting due to practical reasons (WFUNA staff are available, conference room is booked etc) but also since it is a value in itself for youth as well as once-youth delegates to share experiences and take active part in the meeting. Arranging the youth network meeting at the same time as the Europe meeting might also improve the chances that UNA:s prioritize to send youth delegates. 

Det som händer härnäst är att alla FN-förbund i Europa gör en kartläggning på hur respektive ungdomsverksamhet ser ut och varför vi behöver detta ”WFUNA Youth Network”.

Därför vill jag se om vi i Svenska FN-förbundet behöver detta? Vill vi ha detta? Och hur vill vi ha det?

Varma Hälsningar
Martin Holmberg

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