Hey Johanna! Tell us about your work at UNFPA?

Last but not least, UNA Malmö had an interview with Johanna who has been an intern at the UNFPA Nordic Office. 

Johanna unfpa

Name: Johanna Reponen
Age: 25
Education: Bachelor of Arts (English language). I am currently studying my Master’s degree. Minors: Communication and Social Sciences.

What are your working tasks as an intern at UNFPA?
Many of my tasks include communication, for example, being in charge of the UNFPA Nordic Office’s social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), writing a newsletter and media monitoring. In addition, they include administrative work and political analysis, like updating donor profiles. There is also much variety depending on what is happening. For example if we are having events or visits, I help to organize them by researching for relevant information, picking up things, helping to set up and so on. It has been nice that weeks and days can be quite different from each other.

What is the best with being an intern at UNFPA?
I have really enjoyed working in the UNFPA Nordic Office. I have learned a lot about issues that are central to UNFPA’s mandate, like sexual and reproductive health and rights, family planning and demographics, and I have gained a special insight into the work of UNFPA. I have gained much experience and been able to develop my skills in many different areas, for example in communication and social media, and organizational skills. The whole experience has been made even better by my colleagues! They have really made me feel like a part of their group and I have been able to get an in-depth view of what it is like to work in a liaison office and the UN.

 ”I have learned a lot about issues that are central to UNFPA’s mandate, like sexual and reproductive health and rights, family planning and demographics…”

Why did you choose UNFPA, what was especially interesting?
Women’s rights and gender equality have always been topics that are close to my heart and the work UNFPA has a crucial part in achieving a world where everyone can have equal opportunities to fulfill their potential. In addition to being able to work with issues that are important to me, the internship itself in the Nordic Office sounded very appealing, and the tasks that were described in the announcement combined the skills I have and what I have been studying in the university.

What tips do you have to students that are interested in doing an internship at a UN office?
When it comes to searching for an internship, social media can be very useful. Some organizations post about their internship vacancies, so it is good to follow the social media accounts and webpages of the organizations that interest you. My university also has a website where you can go through job and internship announcements. So if you know your university has one, it is good to keep an eye on that too. Most important tip would be to get to know the different organizations. It’s really worth it to spend time looking through their websites. By this way, you can think about which are the organizations that you want to work in and why. It’s also important to keep on sending applications and not to be discouraged if you don’t succeed at the beginning! The competition is tough but you’ll never know when you’ll be the one that impresses the possible employer.

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